Meet Pipi

On Sunday I rounded a corner to see a tiny Pukeko “drinking” from a large mud puddle ..

I turned to Issy and said “Is that a Pukeko in that puddle”?

She looked at me with that WTF?!? look that is quite obviously one of the many genetic gifts I’ve bestowed on her. So I reiterated whilst pointing at the puddle ..

“Is THAT a Pukeko drinking from that puddle? See? The blue and red thing?”

It turns out that it was in fact a tiny little lost Pukeko face down (which is why he looked like he was drinking) in the middle of a large muddy puddle.

“Are we going to take it Mum or just leave it here?”

It was my turn to flash the WTF look .. “would Mummy leave you here Isabelle?”

I scooped up the little sodden Pukeko and it came home with us. I’ve named the wee one, Pipi because I scooped it up out of shallow water (just like I would an actual Pipi) and now Pipi will be my trail running buddy, Pukekos are very protective you know! I might even be brave enough to venture through “the Zombie tunnel” on the Waitakere Tramline track.

Yeah right … 😉

If you want to see what Pipi’s getting up too – just follow along on the Pipi Pukeko instagram page.

Till next time





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