Link Love

Bored with me?

Wondering where to go next to a) be motivated b) be inspired or even c) kill some time till knock off?

Well help is at hand .. check these out!

Donloree –

Chantelle – The Diary of A Procrastinator

Faith – The Road to Serious Fitness

Kari – Figure Girl World

Lisa – Lisas world

Liz – An ordinary girls journey to becoming a figure competitor

Tiffany – Purls and Curls

Tenecia – Boobs, Barbells & Broccoli

Andy – Barbell Club Coach at CrossfitHPU

CrossfitHPU – The high performance unit or HPU on Facebook

Jo Stewart – Trainer extraordinaire

Les Mills – Where I go and lift stuff and put it down again

Ludus Magnus – Train Hard, Have Fun, Belong

Mr P.T – Beware of the “eyebrow” though!

Bic Bands – Sparkly AND they don’t slip – ever!

Fit Me In – Paleo the easy way, get it delivered!

RX Jump Ropes – I’m not the greatest doubler underer but I went from none to 10 with a RX rope!

Sprint fit –

The Lash Room – The reason guys wonder why I “look pretty today”

I knew pretty much nothing about Paleo when I took on the CrossfitHPU Paleo Challenge so here are some links that I found in my search for knowledge.

Fit Me In – Paleo the easy way, get it delivered! Yes I know I listed them above – they are that good ;)

Paleo Cupboard – Recipes galore

Civilized Caveman – The only person I’ve come across who loves bacon more than my friend Yumi!

Catas Trophy Wife – Simply hilarious (and she runs a bit and hates it, that makes me like her more)

Eggs Bene Bitch – Did I mention Yumes REALLY loves eggs benedict?

Melissa – Melissa is a Mum, a figure competitor AND a runner, I should actually hate her!

Skinny Runner – She makes me feel like running (and then I get over it)

Have Fun! And be careful out there ..

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